Meet Mollie

The Sassy Southern Blog

Hi Friends! I’m Mollie, a 20-something southern girl, lover of all things organized and pretty, party planning fanatic and admitted sweet tea addict. I planned my dream wedding to my hunky husband in 2016 and I still swoon every time I think of that perfect day. The most precious baby boy on the planet made me a mommy in 2019 and I am loving every minute of mommy life. I LOVE all things party planning and will find any reason to host one! I had the joy of working for an event planner during my college years and have become the resident party planner in my circle of friends for everything from baby showers to wedding showers, engagement parties and sometimes the big day itself. I have a passion for turning ordinary spaces into beautiful places and saving money in the process. OH! Did I mention I love Target? You will learn that very quickly. I enjoy making every aspect of life my kind of lovely and I hope to inspire all of you to enjoy the lovely things in your lives too!