My 2017 Liebster Award Nomination

Liebster Award

I am so honored and excited to be recognized as a new blogger by being nominated for the 2017 Liebster Award! So many thanks to Melissa from Life’s Twisted Tales for nominating me for this award! You should pop over to her blog and check out her amazing travel adventures! Her photos are stunning and her adventures will make you want to drop everything and jump on a plane! Her post about her wine tasting in Santorini is magical! Her love for life and travel is inspiring. Her blog is sure to add many new adventures to your bucket list! Thank you so much, Melissa, for nominating me for this award!

So, What Exactly Is A Liebster Award?

The Global Aussie outlines the award as a way for bloggers to recognize newer bloggers! This is a great way to recognize their hard work starting out as a blogger and to help them gain exposure. The award also helps connect and support the blogging community. In German, the term “Liebster” means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. You really can’t give a better compliment!


10 Random Facts About Me, The Sassy Southern!

  1. I told my now husband to wait three months when he first asked me out on a date. Now please don’t think I’m rude. I really liked him, but he asked me out in March and I knew that if we started dating, my finals for that semester would go out the window! Thankfully for me, he was the man for me and waited. He found out from one of my friends what time my last final ended and showed up at TCU outside of my class and asked if he could please take me to lunch. I hadn’t slept the night before and I was in a giant t-shirt and Nike shorts, but of course, I wasn’t going to say no! While we were at lunch, he told me that he would pick me up for our real date that evening. Two dates in one day? I knew I had hit the jackpot! 
  2. I LOVE sweet tea. I know, southern girl loves sweet tea. Shocking! But it really is my favorite drink. In fact, when I was first coming up with names for my blog, Sweet Tea and Sass was on the list. However, I’m really glad I went with The Sassy Southern. 
  3. I am currently a dental school wife! My hunky husband is in his last year of dental school and I could not be more proud of him! This has been his dream since he was five years old. He graduates this year! 
  4. I was an only child for 10 years until my perfect baby brother was finally brought into my life! Y’all. I prayed specifically for a little brother for so many years and goodness did God deliver. He is seriously one of my best friends and the perfect brother. I am so thankful for him! 
  5. I lived in Ireland for 4 months! I had the privilege of studying abroad during my junior year of college with one of my best friends! We lived in Dublin and traveled Europe on the weekends! It was one of the coolest experiences of my life! 
  1. I am like a child at Christmas. I LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT! I am the person who is chomping at the bit to put up my Christmas decorations, I will wait in a 2-hour line to drive through a Christmas light display, and I welcome the traffic and crowds because to me, it is the joyful hustle and bustle of the holidays.
  2. I bleed purple. For those who now think I’m a crazy person, let me explain. I graduated from TCU in Fort Worth Texas and I am so proud to be a Horned Frog. Go Frogs!
  3. I had 9 bridesmaids and they are all my forever friends. I know a lot of people think it is impossible to have more than one or two best friends, but I have to disagree. Three of my bridesmaids have been my best friends since I was a baby, three have been my best friends since I was seven, two of my bridesmaids I met in college and they instantly became my people and forever friends, and one of my bridesmaids is my sister-in-law! All of these beautiful ladies have and continue to be a constant source of love and support in my life and I can’t imagine doing life without them.
  4. I think I have the greatest family in the entire world. My immediate family, my extended family, and my in-laws and their extended families. I love all of them so much and they have all made a big impact on who I am today. I seriously hit the jackpot with my husband’s family. They have welcomed and loved me from day one and I am so grateful to be in their beautiful family.
  5. I love murder mysteries and crime shows! Please don’t misunderstand, I don’t love that there is a reason that these shows exist, but seeing how detectives investigate and find answers is fascinating to me. It is like a big puzzle of clues. My husband and I are always looking for new podcasts and shows, so if you have any favorites, please let me know!

The Sassy Southern

My Liebster Award Nominations Questions Answered

1. Where was your very first vacation?
My very first vacation was to Disney World when I was three years old! This counts, right? Thankfully, my mom was all about videoing every second of our vacation and we have a giant photo album from our entire trip! I still love flipping through those photos and watching videos from that trip. We went with some very close family friends and we all still reminisce about that trip to this day. My parents have always planned amazing vacations for our family and encouraged my brother and I to take every opportunity possible to explore this beautiful world. I think Disney World was the perfect first vacation.

2. Do you prefer to fly or take a road trip?
I think this really depends on where you are going! I love a good road trip, but I do love to fly. I have definitely done my fair share of both. I think if I had to pick only one, I would probably rather fly. While I do love the adventures you can find during a road trip, I also like having more time at my destination to relax, explore, and enjoy what that city has to offer.

3. If you could take only one more trip, where would you go?
Oh my goodness this is a tough one! I think I would have to say Greece. I have dreamed of going to Greece for years and if this was my last trip, I would probably want to spend a couple of months exploring Greece! Side note, I’m super thankful this is only hypothetical because there are so many more places I want to visit!

4. Have you ever visited a place just because you saw it in a book or movie? Where?
I don’t think I have ever visited somewhere only because I saw it in a movie or read it in a book. This has definitely confirmed my reasons for wanting to visit, but I don’t think it has been the only reason.

5. What is your favorite book or series?
If I have to pick just one, I would probably say Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. This is a book that I read every couple of years and I never get tired of reading it. It has romance, suspense, encouragement, and is a constant reminder of God’s love and faithfulness. I cry every time I read it and I love it!

6. If you could give someone $1,000,000 who would you give it to?
My mom and dad. Hands down. With no hesitation. They are two of the most loving and giving people and they deserve the world. They have sacrificed so much for my brother and me and they have always done it happily. I would LOVE to just give them 1,000,000 to live out any dream they have had, but sacrificed for our family. And knowing both of them, they would end up donating the majority of it to organizations and families in need before spending a penny on themselves.

7. Why did you start your blog?
I have always loved to cook, decorate, and try new DIY and home décor projects. I started learning how many bloggers were making a living through their blog and I was so inspired. I remember telling my parents about this in college and how amazing it would be to make a living from blogging about things I love and do every day! I put the idea aside for a couple of years and then one day, my dad brought it back up and told me he thought I should go for it. He had read an article about a blogger who was making quite a bit of money each month from their blog doing something that they loved! He and my mom both really encouraged me to get started and I’m so glad that they did! They are constantly encouraging and supporting me through this new and exciting adventure! Working on my blog brings me so much joy and I have loved getting to know so many other talented and creative bloggers!

8. When do you find time to blog?
Late at night and on the weekends! I still have a full-time job, so nights and weekends are my time! I truly love doing it, so I will realize it is 2 AM and I should probably go to bed!

9. What do you do when you have writer’s block?
Walk away. Sometimes you need to just do life to help push through writer’s block. You never know what will inspire you and get those wheels turning!

10. What is your favorite post made by you, and why?
Oh this is a tough one! I would probably have to say my post, 10 Holiday Traditions for Your First Merry Married Christmas! Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year! I married the man of my dreams in 2016 and last Christmas was our first married Christmas. We had so much fun starting new traditions together as Mr. & Mrs. These traditions are great for anyone, really! Single, newlyweds, or married for 10 years, they are a great way to enjoy and celebrate the holidays!

11. Which actor should play you in the movie about your life, and why?
Reese Witherspoon. While I realize that she is blonde and I am a brunette, I have always LOVED her as an actress and I feel like we have very similar personalities. I have loved so many of her characters and I would be honored if she played me in a movie about my life!

 My Liebster Award Nominees  

Shayne and TyShayne and Ty are high school sweethearts and now newlyweds! They are originally from Colorado but are currently living in Georgia. Follow their lifestyle blog to learn about wedding tips, travel ideas, and living life together in a new city as newlyweds! I always love reading their new posts and I LOVED their post about 3 true crime podcasts to listen to on your next road trip. My husband and I have already started listening to one and we are hooked! Head over to check out their latest posts. You will not be disappointed!

Us Living Life – You will definitely want to get to know Josh and his adorable family!  The Woods family shares family-friendly tips and entertainment ideas over on their blog and they are full of laughs! I love how open and honest their blog posts are and they cover everything from travel, food, parenting, DIY to their hilarious family adventures. You will definitely want to head over and check them out!

The Caffeinated Bibliophile – If you are looking for a great book to read, Heidi is your girl! She loves reading, writing, coffee, and tea, and shares Christian historical fiction and general historical fiction. She also shares reviews on romance and mysteries! With each book review, she provides her suggestion for the best hot beverage to enjoy while reading that book! Pop over and find a new book to cuddle up with this holiday season!

She Roams About – If you love to travel, you will want to get to know Melissa from She Roams About! She shares about travel tips and her personal travel adventures, as well as delicious foods, and inspiring quotes and stories from her travel adventures! Pop over and check out her blog. I think you will really enjoy reading about her adventures!

The Salted Mint – You will love getting to know Allie from The Salted Mint! She is a photographer and graphic designer sharing her travel adventures, DIY projects, and beautiful photography! Her photos will honestly make your eyes happy! I really enjoy reading her blog and I think you will too! 

Nominees should visit The Global Aussie site for official rules and guidelines. Everything you need to know is under the section, What to do if nominated for the Liebster Award. Make sure to include your answers to my nominee questions listed below in your post! I can’t wait to read them! 

My Questions for 2017 Liebster Award Nominees

  1. What is your favorite recipe to make and why?
  2. If you could travel anywhere for FREE, where would you go and why?
  3. 5-Star Luxury Resort or Camping?
  4. Coffee or Tea?
  5. If you could give someone $1,000,000, whom would you give it to?
  6. How many US States have you visited and which one did you like the most?
  7. If you were given $10,000 to decorate your home, would you rather do it yourself or hire someone to do it?
  8. Why did you decide to start a blog?
  9. Would you rather read the book or watch the movie?
  10. What is your favorite season of the year and why?
  11. What is your favorite post made by you, and why?

 One of My Favorite Bloggers

The very first blog I ever started following was Eat Yourself Skinny! Kelly is the talented chef behind the delicious, but healthier recipes you will find on her blog. Honestly, Eat Yourself Skinny really opened my eyes to the blogging world and inspired me to start blogging! Remember the blog I mentioned above that I first told my parents about? It was this one! I found myself constantly reading her posts and trying her delicious recipes! I have loved watching her blog grow over the years and it has truly been a source of inspiration as I start my blog journey. If you are a lover of food, but not so much the calories that so many yummy recipes come with, you will definitely want to check out her beautiful and delicious blog! I promise you will thank me! Thank you, Kelly, for sharing your delicious recipes with all of us!

Thank you again, Melissa, for the 2017 Liebster Award nomination! It is so encouraging to be recognized for the hard work I have put into my blog. This has truly become a passion for me and I love every minute of it!

Keep it sassy, but classy friends!





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