10 Holiday Traditions For Your First Merry Married Christmas

First Christmas Ornament

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Merry Christmas, friends! Happy Holidays! I absolutely LOVE this time of year! It brings so much joy to my soul. My parents have always made Christmas such a special and meaningful time in our home and I have always wanted to carry some of those traditions over to a family of my own. This will be the second Christmas that Jeremy (the hunky husband) and I are spending together as Mr. & Mrs. and I can’t wait to celebrate the traditions we started last year for our first Merry Married Christmas! Whether this is your first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. or if you have been married for 10 years, check out our favorite holiday traditions to celebrate as a family!

10 Holiday Traditions

Attend a Candlelight Christmas Eve Service

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

This has been one of my favorite things about Christmas since I was a little girl. Jesus truly is the reason for the season. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, but we want to make sure we never forget the meaning of this beautiful time of year. Even if you don’t have a home church, find a local church with a candlelight Christmas Eve service. It is a beautiful time to slow down and really reflect on the meaning of Christmas. This is something I grew up doing and something Jeremy and I have done together since we started dating. It is, of course, part of our married Christmas traditions and is something we will continue to do with our future kiddos!

Buy Your First Christmas Tree and Christmas Decorations Together

Christmas Tree Decor
See the adorable wine glass ornaments? These are from the Mikassa Cheers collection and they match our actual wine glasses!

This is SO MUCH FUN! There are so many firsts you are celebrating as a married couple during your first year of marriage and this is definitely an exciting one! We went to one of our favorite places on earth, Target, and found an amazing deal on the most beautiful Christmas tree! Right now, Target has 20% off of their artificial Christmas Trees! If you would rather shop together for your Christmas tree at home in your PJs, you can find the one you love on Target’s website and order it to ship to your home or pick up at your local Target! If you decided to pick it up at your local Target, this is the perfect time to shop for all of your Christmas décor. Target also has some great deals on their holiday décor and lights!

Don’t forget to use your Target REDcard for an extra 5% off! That is 25% off one of those beautiful Christmas Trees! If you don’t have a Target REDcard, I HIGHLY recommend you get one now! They have a credit card and a debit card option. If you are like me and don’t like to have too many credit cards, the debit card is the perfect option! It links directly to your current checking account! The debit card and credit card give you a 5% discount on your total purchase at Target, free shipping on most items from Target.com, and extended time for returns! I also just learned that REDcard holders get early access to special events and sales. For example, all REDcard holders get early access to select Black Friday deals on Target.com! I have saved SO much money over the years with my REDcard! Apply now to start saving at Target!

Buy a Mr. & Mrs. Holiday Ornament

First Christmas Ornament

Having an ornament to establish your first married Christmas is a must! We ordered this custom ornament from TP&C Design Studio on Etsy and I am in love with our ornament. It looks so beautiful on our tree and is a beautiful reminder of our first Christmas together. This is our second Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. and I’m so excited to hang it on the tree this year!

Host Your First Holiday Dinner Party and Gift Exchange

Christmas Sangria Holiday Cocktail

If you have read my blog posts before, you probably already know how much I love to entertain! I definitely got this from my momma. I will really find any reason to entertain. If this is your first year married or your 10th, you probably have a lot of gorgeous wedding gifts that you would love to show off to your friends! I know I couldn’t wait to pull out my wedding china and stemware! This is also a great time to show off your gorgeous Christmas decorations that you have worked so hard on this season! Organize a gift exchange, plan a dinner menu and cocktail menu, and have your favorite people over for a fun night to kick off the holidays! If you could use a few extra items to help you entertain, check out my holiday gift guide for the entertainer!

Have A Decorate The Tree Party

Christmas Ornaments

This is a tradition that I brought to our marriage from my childhood. My mom is seriously the best about making everything feel special and fun, especially around the holidays. We would always have a night where our whole family would have hot chocolate, watch a Christmas movie, and decorate the Christmas tree. My dad would always hold me up so that I could put the angel on the tree. This was my job and my brother was more than happy to let me have it! This is a tradition I have always wanted to do with my family and Jeremy and I had so much fun doing this last year for our first married Christmas. We watched Elf, had hot chocolate, and decorated our beautiful Christmas tree! I’m so excited to do it again this year!

Find a Charity and Give Back

While it is easy to get caught up in the gifts and holiday events during this time of year, it is so important to never forget how important it is to bless others. Our church always does a food drive and gift drive to provide Christmas dinner and gifts for families in the community. We have so much fun shopping for these beautiful families and it brings us so much joy knowing that we are able to help put a smile on their faces on Christmas day. Another charity that we love to participate in each year is Operation Christmas Child with Samaritan’s Purse. For those who are not familiar with this charity, this is a beautiful way to share God’s love with children all around the world at Christmas time. You can assemble a shoebox and drop it off at drop-off location near you, or you can create a box online! Their website has a lot of great suggestions for what to put in the shoebox and what the kids really want and need. My school always did this when I was growing up and it was so much fun to go shopping for these beautiful children and we have loved participating in this throughout the years. 

Have a Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

This is a tradition we actually started when we were dating and my brother participates in this tradition with us each year. We all have our own gingerbread house and we have 1 hour to decorate our house using only the items that come in our kit. We can use any tools we can think of, but we can’t add anything to the house that doesn’t come in our box. We put on a Christmas movie and get to work! Once we are done, we take pictures of each house and label them A, B, and C. I post it on Facebook and ask our friends to leave a comment with their vote for A, B, or C. This keeps it completely anonymous to our friends to make sure there isn’t any bias. We put a time limit on the voting and then tally the votes once the Facebook voting portion of the contest ends. Once we tally the votes, we post the winning house with the winner’s name on Facebook and the winner gets bragging rights for the year. It is so much fun and a great activity to do together with our family. This is a Christmas tradition we are so excited to start with our future kids!

Look At Christmas Lights Together

Christmas Lights

This makes for a great date night and can be as inexpensive as you like! Bring some holiday treats and hot chocolate with you and drive around listening to Christmas music and looking at gorgeous Christmas light displays. If you aren’t sure where to go, Google the best Christmas light for your area. We have a couple of neighborhoods and parks that we go to every year. They are so beautiful and really put you in the Christmas spirit!

If you want to bring a little extra holiday cheer to someone, turn it into your very own Christmas light contest! Decide which house has the best lights from the night and leave them your first place prize for the most impressive Christmas light display! We made our own little award for the house that we picked and included a $15 dollar gift card to Target! We left it completely anonymous and just thanked them for bringing us so much joy through their beautiful lights display. Here is what our card says:

Thank you for making our evening Merry & Bright with your lovely Christmas lights! To thank you for bringing joy to this anointed season, we would like to award you with the Most Joyful Lights Award! We are not professional Christmas light judges, but we consider ourselves to be seasoned amateurs! We hope this gift spreads a little Christmas cheer! Merry Christmas! Luke 2:14

Disclaimer: If you decide to do this, just make sure you are cautious and following the law. Since this is their private home and property, assess the situation and make sure you can safely leave the card for them without causing alarm to the homeowners. The goal is to bless them, not make them think a suspicious person is lurking around and cause an unsafe situation.

Attend a Local Holiday Event

Gaylord ICE Christmas Activity
This is all made out of ice!

There are always so many fun Christmas events to attend, but never enough time! One of our favorite things to do each year is to go to the ICE exhibit at the Gaylord Texan. ICE is a walkthrough exhibit featuring close to 2 million pounds of ice sculptures! Each year is a different theme and it is only 9°F inside! They provide a parka for everyone to wear and there is always a giant ice slide a the end! When you leave the exhibit, there is a convenient hot chocolate bar ready for you to warm up! If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I highly recommend visiting the Gaylord Texan. They have so many fun holiday activities and they go all out for their Christmas decorations. It is so much fun for the whole family!

Have A Christmas Shopping Date Day

Christmas Shopping
We LOVE going to the Nutcracker Christmas Market each year! This was us last year and Jeremy was sporting his curly mustache to support Movember!

It really is more blessed to give than to receive! I have so much fun making my list of gifts for my loved ones each year! For our first year as a married couple, we had an even larger list of gifts to give. We decided to make a full date day out of it! We started the day with a delicious brunch, need all the energy for this full day, went shopping, took a break to catch a Christmas movie, shopped some more and then ended the day with a dinner date. It was very tiring, but so much fun! We spend the following day watching Christmas movies and wrapping our presents!

Do you have a favorite Christmas or Holiday tradition with your family? Or maybe you have a charity that you volunteer for each year? I would love to hear how you celebrate the holidays each year!




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Christmas 2017 Target Dollar Spot

Target Dollar Spot Cocktail Napkins 2017.

2017 Christmas Target Dollar Spot

For those of you who know me, you know how much I love Target! I especially love their Dollar Spot and it is usually the first place I stop on my weekly, okay sometimes daily, trips to Target. If you caught my post earlier in the season on Target’s fall décor, you know that they once again hit it out of the park with their selections. Side note, I’m watching the World Series right now, so you might catch a couple of baseball references here and there. Also, the Astros are currently winning. Anyways, back to why we are all here, Target’s 2017 Christmas decor in their Dollar Spot! Y’all, it is lovely and oh so festive! Here are my favorite finds from Target’s 2017 Dollar Spot Christmas finds!

Target Dollar Spot 2017

Christmas Packaging and Wrapping

Christmas Wrapping Target Dollar Section

Where do I begin? I love planning out my packaging designs each year. The bags, the ribbon, the tags, it is just so fun! However, I really don’t like the amount of money I end up spending. Full disclosure, I have totally spent the same amount on the wrapping as I have on the gift inside of the wrapping. I know! It is so humiliating. But it happened and I have learned from my ways. Thankfully, I met Target’s Dollar Spot and that mistake has not been made again.

There are so many gift bags to choose from! Large gift backs, small gift backs, wine bags, and my very favorite this year, the adorable gift sacks! I don’t know about you, but I would flip a lid if someone gave me a gift in one of these adorable gift sacks. Hi, is this straight from Santa’s workshop? I also love the Texas design! For all of my non-Texas friends, I would love to see your state’s design! There are multiple gift bag designs in multiple sizes, so there are plenty to fit your style! Oh did I mention how inexpensive they are? Here is your holiday gift bag pricing guide from Target’s 2017 Christmas Dollar Spot:

Large Christmas Tree Truck Bag: $1

Wine Bag: $1

Draw String Gift Sacks $3 Each

Medium Best Time Of The Year Bag: $1

Black and White Small Bags: $1 for both! They are packaged in sets of two!

2017 Holiday FInds Target Dollar Spot

Target Dollar Spot Holiday Gift Tags

Target Dollar Spot Christmas Packaging

They also have so many adorable gift tags and wooden stickers to decorate your packages! I can’t wait to add these wooden Merry Christmas letters to one of my boxes! I’m also going to use a paint pen to monogram the star ornament! Here is the price breakdown for these adorable gift tags and gift tape:

Christmas Gift Tape: $1

Wooden Star Ornament: $1

Christmas Tree Gift Tags: $1 (Set of 2)

Joy Gift Tags: $1 (Set of 4)

Merry Christmas Gift Tags: $1 (Set of 3)

Merry Christmas Wooden Stickers: $3

From Santa Gift Tags: $1 (Set of 3)

Black and Gold Embellished Gift Tags: 1 (2 Sheets)

Christmas Decor

Christmas Home Decor Target Dollar Spot

Decorating my home at Christmas time might be my favorite thing to do. This year’s dollar spot has so many beautiful décor pieces for your home including fur stockings and beautiful stocking holders! I had to rein it in for this portion because I already have so much home décor for Christmas. However, I had to purchase this adorable mirrored sign for one of my shelves. They have so many cute things like this and they have the cutest little Christmas trees for countertops and desks.

Décor Sign: $3

Cocktail Napkins and Coasters

Target Dollar Spot Cocktail Napkins 2017.

Cocktail napkins and coasters do two things at a party: Act as beautiful accent pieces for your décor theme for the evening and SAVE your beautiful tables, bars, and countertops from the unspeakable beverage ring. We have all been there. Nobody likes to discover the ring at the end of a successful evening. These cocktail napkins and wooden coasters are just too adorable! The wooden coasters will also act as a great accessory when gifting a bottle of wine or whiskey!

Christmas Tree Wooden Coasters

Black and Red Check Christmas Cocktail Napkins

Target Wooden Christmas Coasters

Christmas Cocktail Napkins Target Dollar Spot

Cocktail Napkins: $1 Each (Set of 10)

Wooden Coasters: $3 Each (Set of 4)

Baking Pans, Baking Jars, and Baking Tins

Target Dollar Spot Holiday Baking Tins

Every year I have a day of holiday baking! I make so many delicious holiday treats, package them in pretty tins and paper with ribbons and bows, and give them out to neighbors, co-workers, family, and friends. I love it! I watch Christmas movies all day and bake away! Part of the fun is making the packaging for these tasty treats absolutely adorable and full of Christmas spirit. However, this can get pretty pricey. That is why I was thrilled to find these adorable holiday tins in Target’s Dollar section! They have several designs to choose from and they are the perfect size for giving away holiday treats!

Target Dollar Spot 2017 Joy Pie Pan

I am very excited about this Joy pie pan and Christmas tree ramekins. They will look fantastic on the table during the holidays! They also had a Merry Christmas pie pan and white snowflake ramekins! The giant jar is perfect for hosting your delicious and relaxing holiday gifts for friends! Whether you fill it with ingredients to make your perfect cookie recipe or fill it with your DIY Essential Oil bath salts, this is the perfect way to package your DIY Christmas gift! They also had a set of three mini glass jars as well!

Pie Pan: $5

Baking Tins: $3 Each

Christmas Tree Ramekins: $3 (Set of 2)

Glass Jar: $3

Holiday Cards and Gift Ideas

Target Dollar Spot Holiday Cards

If you need a quick and inexpensive gift for someone, the Target Dollar Spot has you covered! They have so many adorable packs of holiday and Christmas cards to choose from. This pack of 16 cards and envelopes came with 4 different designs and 4 different messages. I love packs like this because there is a card that will work for everyone!

Gift Cards: $3 (Set of 16)

Cozy Candles

Target Dollar Spot Candle

There are multiple candle scents to choose from! This one seriously smells like Christmas and it is wonderful! I also love the design. They have multiple scents in this size and they also have these super cute mug candles! These are perfect to go with a Starbucks gift card for your co-worker or as an extra stocking stuffer!

Target Holiday Candle 2017

Candles: $1

For The Men In Your Life

Target Dollar Spot Holiday Gift Guide 2017

There is even something for the men in your life! These super classy travel accessory bags are perfect for a stocking stuffer or to use as packaging for their gift! I love doing this! Instead of buy wrapping paper, put their gift in this adorable tote bag. It is two gifts in one! This will also make for a wonderful white elephant gift!

Accessory Zipper Bag: $3

For the Wine Lover

Target Holiday Gift Packaging

Pair one of the adorable wine bags with a bottle of Target’s new California Roots wine and a set of the wooden coasters and you have the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life for under $10! One stop shop and on a budget!

Wine: $5

Holiday Wine Gift Bag: $1

Coasters: $3

Have you already purchased your favorite finds from Target’s 2017 Christmas Dollar Spot? I would love to see what you found!



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