Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Gifts For Men Under $100

10 Gifts For Men Under $100

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Shopping for the men in my life is never easy. I always ask for a list from Jeremy (the hubs), my dad, and my brother. I want to make sure I buy something special that each one of them will love, but all three of them are the type that if they need or want something, they just go get it! I find myself constantly searching for the perfect gift each year and thankfully, after a lot of searching, I usually find it! To make things a little bit easier, I teamed up with Jeremy and asked him to make a list of Target’s Top 10 Gifts for Men Under $100.

Libbey Spirits Decanter: $12.99

This Libbey Spirits Decanter is simple and classy. Pair this with a bottle of his favorite beverage and you will be definitely be deemed the best gift giver this holiday season! And for $12.99, you can’t beat that deal! 

Mustache Cufflinks – $25.99

These curly mustache cufflinks will add a whimsical, but classy look to your man’s style! These make for great stocking stuffers, too! 

Men’s Weekend Bag – $29.99

I absolutely LOVE this men’s weekend bag! We purchased new luggage for Jeremy last year for a dental conference and I think he is wishing this bag had been available! It is super classy and the perfect size for a weekend getaway! 

Folding Pocket Knife – $36.99

This folding pocket knife is the perfect holiday gift for the man in your life who likes to stay prepared! 

Craft Beer Kit – $39.99

We all have someone on our gift list this year who would love this Craft Beer Kit! This would also make for a pretty cool White Elephant present! 

Men’s Watch – $53.99

Jeremy absolutely loves watches and he has already informed me that this Timex men’s watch with a leather strap would make a very nice gift! Hint noted. 

Men’s Wool Pea Coat – $60.00

Jeremy actually owns this Wool Pea Coat and it looks so good! It is perfect a casual night out, but it also pairs nicely with a suit. He can also personally attest to how warm and comfortable it is!  

Men’s Valet Stand – $79.99

I’m adding this valet stand to Jeremy’s list myself. I love the look but I also love that he can hang his clothes on it and leave his watch and cufflinks neatly on the tray. There is even a mirror on the top! This is a great way to keep clothes off of the floor and it is a great way to help your man get ready for the next morning! 

Nintendo 2DS – $79.99

This Nintendo 2DS is perfect for the video game lover! I’ll admit, I still love to play some of my favorite Nintendo games! I will take a Super Mario challenge any day! 

Bluetooth Speaker – $99.99

This water-resistant Bluetooth Speaker will play your man’s favorite music for up to 12 hours! You can also enable Siri or Google for easy voice commands. It is easy to travel with and it will ensure that he is always the life of the party! 

The best thing about shopping with Target? You can get 5% off with your Target REDcard AND free shipping straight to your door when shopping online! If you don’t have a Target REDcard I would highly recommend applying for one right now! You can do it online and it doesn’t take long at all. has SO many gift options that aren’t available in store, so you never know what amazing products you might find! Did you find something on this list for the men in your life? 

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    1. Oh mine would be too! I’m pretty sure that is why he added it to the list. =P We bought the Switch when it first came out and he really likes that, too!

    1. I love the mustache cufflinks too, Monica! We are in the same boat! We love giving gifts, but we have bigger goals right now, so we are both looking for budget-friendly ideas! I’m glad this was helpful!

    1. Thank you, Shanna! I’m so glad these ideas are helpful. My husband LOVES that peacoat and I love it on him! 🙂 He has also continued to hint that he would really love to see that watch appear under our Christmas tree! 🙂 Happy shopping!

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